Monday, 27 May 2019

Juna Mahal Dungarpur

Dominating the landscape of Dungarpur is that the mammoth Juna Mahal that stands tall on a high platform created from dawra stone. The initial structure of this seven-storeyed structure was in-built the thirteenth century, whereas the extra rooms, wings, floors, courtyards, and fortifications were superimposed through the years by the sequent rulers. Current standing of the Juna Mahal’sdesign is totally in ruins because of lack of consistency maintenance. however not like its exteriors, the interiors square measure well vandalized and glows with its exuberant ornamentation and mirror works. The palace is adorned with frescos, murals, native inexperienced stones and mirror inlays that with pride represent the distinctiveness of Hindustani construction techniques and the way it’s evolved over centuries. Decoration designs like color paintings and arrangement of glass work that may be seen in some rooms square measure arduous to seek out in anyother Hindustani heritages. Remarkably well preserved, these embody a series of paintings from the Kama Sanskrit literature in erstwhile rulers sleeping room on the highest floor of the palace. The palace has invariably been the talk the city not solely due to its distinctive structure however conjointly due its comprehensive conservation management arrange.

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